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Work With Me

Are you an early or mid-career artist making socially engaged work, but do you still find yourself lacking in confidence, looking for advice or think you might benefit from mentoring?
Do you have a great idea, but are you struggling to develop it without structure or funding?
Building on my 20 years of experience as a project manager and working directly with artists and art institutions, I offer professional project and practice development advice to artists, focusing in particular on artists with socially engaged practices.

DYCP Application writing support

Thank you so much for your advice, this has made a massive difference to me.
Arts Council England’s DYCP (Developing Your Creative Practice) is a great opportunity for emerging and mid career artists to take time to focus on their creative development.
Whether you have already applied or are thinking of applying for the first time, I can help you navigate the sometime intimidating application process and improve your chances of being successful in being awarded a DYCP grant. What I can do include:
  • Review your unsuccessful application and suggest how to improve it.
  • Assist you in creating an application from scratch, discuss your ideas and review your draft answers, budget and activity plan.
  • If you have an access support requirement, I can help you obtain Access Support funding and make the application process accessible.
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For more info please email me at

These sessions are bespoke and they can be booked as a one-off or as a series.
This is an opportunity to get practical advice, receive feedback on your work and find out more ways to support your practice. There is no expectation of prior knowledge about funding and project proposals.
The sessions are informal and conversational.
Participants can use the advice session as they choose.
This could involve:
  • A creative review of a project idea
  • Practice development; plan of action and target-setting
  • Funding opportunities; where to start and how to select the right ones
  • Help finding partners and creating meaningful exchange in working with local communities
  • Reading and commenting on a funding application/artistic opportunity or residency
Each session is a confidential, relaxed discussion about your ideas or project to explore the key issues and challenges you have identified. An advice session generally ends with a clear set of tasks and priorities or resources in order to progress to the next stage of your creative journey.
Sessions last 1 hour and cost £39.
For more information or bookings, please email me at

1 to 1 sessions

The session really inspired me. I learned how to combine my methodology with working with different groups. It also gave me the chance to reflect on what I want to do as a next project. I feel like I went from being really unspecific at the beginning of the session to then feeling like I had a plan! I learned tips on how to connect a more with funding opportunities and how to express my ideas to a funder in order to show the ways in which it will benefit others in the process.

Group sessions

Thank you so much Cristiana, for your help on my community-based project and comments on my website today – it was very useful! I have changed my website based on your comments, and this has meant a great improvement.
Group sessions take place in hARTslane Gallery (New Cross Gate, London) or online.
The sessions are informal and run with a workshop format. Participants will go away with lots of useful information and relevant resources and they will have the chance to ask questions.
Each session is based on a different theme, including:
Sessions normally cost £20/pp 
For more information and a calendar of the sessions, please visit the hARTslane website or contact me via email.